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Do-it-Yourself Makers Prefer Index Industry when Searching for Holster Tools

From eyelet setting equipment to molds and thermoplastic vacuum forming machinery, we’ll help you kickstart your craft.

One of the things we love most about this industry is that it’s not elitist; there’s no steep or expensive barrier to entry. What separates the wheat from the chaff around here is hard work and effort—the difference between a remarkably efficient and exciting new holster isn’t simply a question of holster making tools, thermoforming tools, or holster hardware used; it’s mostly dependent on creative ingenuity and long hours in the shop using those holster tools to get it just right. So while we certainly offer innovations and resources like holster foam and Kydex vacuum forming tools, we recognize that the craft is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Since we first opened up shop over 40 years and three generations ago, much has changed—we started out as a fastener distributor but once we caught wind of the rapidly-expanding world of holster making tools and thermoforming tools, we simply adapted to better match the needs of the customers. Now, we’re proud to be regarded as one of the nation’s leading hubs for holster hardware, holster foam, and general holster tools as well as more sophisticated techniques like Kydex vacuum forming.

Why Makers Trust us to Stock Top Holster Making Tools
Simply: on a personal level, we’re enthralled with the world of do-it-yourself thermoforming. Once we dug further into our own personal passions and interests in holster tools, holster hardware, thermoforming tools, and more advanced techniques like Kydex vacuum forming, we were met with an entire thriving community of makers. So we dedicated ourselves to supplying the very best in holster making tools.
Whether it’s odds and ends like holster foam, holster hardware, or thermoforming tools or more substantial items like Kydex vacuum forming tools or custom-embossed thermoplastic, our customers can trust that we’ve always got their best interests in mind because we’re one of them.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions
We carry one of the widest arrays of US-made holster tools including holster hardware, thermoforming tools, and holster foam the industry has to offer and you can always trust that you’ll get the best quality available. Sometimes, though, you might still hit a snag when you see our extensive sizing and style variations. We’re here to help.
No matter the question about holster making tools like holster foam, our customer service team is always ready to hear from you.