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Durability, fire resistance, and impact resistance set Boltaron apart from other plastics.

The applicability of revolutionary Boltaron thermoplastic is securing its popularity within a wide range of industries.

The fact that there are over 50 different specialized grades of Boltaron thermoplastic just begins to tell the story about how the widely-applicable Boltaron plastics have permeated nearly every aspect of our modern world. Though it might simply look like plastic at first glance, Boltaron plastics are over ten times more impact-resistant than their regular counterpoints, they’re supremely fire retardant, and they resist wear and staining from a full gamut of caustic and acidic chemicals.

The three generations of our family business add up to over 40 years of wholesale fastener distribution during which, we’ve touched nearly every major market. Remaining relevant and an adept partner for our clients has always been paramount, so when we caught wind of Boltaron carbon fiber, we knew we needed to adapt to incorporate Boltaron into our extensive offerings. Additionally, when we learned of the prevalence of hobbyists and small businesses creating Boltaron holsters for a growing audience, we didn’t hesitate to work quickly towards becoming one of the leading suppliers of Boltaron carbon fiber. Today, everyone, no matter their Boltaron craft, knows where to buy Boltaron sheets: here in our shop. Additionally, we’re committed to periodic Boltaron sales to lower the prices on Boltaron holster supplies and subsequently, the barrier of entry into Boltaron holster making.

About Boltaron
The Boltaron thermoplastic story begins with the airline industry. Soon after its development, more and more companies began to adopt Boltaron plastics for their aircraft interiors. Tough, moldable Boltaron sheets are choice for aircrafts because they resist constant wear by passengers, luggage, and service carts while meeting super high fire-retardancy standards. Boltaron thermoplastic can also be washed clean with strong, disinfecting chemicals time and again with no wear or staining.
Soon, Boltaron carbon fiber was rapidly spreading to other industries and being put to use protecting medical instruments, kiosks, mechanical and electrical equipment, and the like. Boltaron sheets were also being preferred for protective wall coverings, 3D laminates, and flat laminates. It’s now readily apparent that there is no limit to the practical applications of Boltaron carbon fiber.

Why Gun Owners Prefer Boltaron Holsters
Boltaron plastics are now the main material in many of the world’s most popular gun holsters. Hobbyists and small business owners source Boltaron sheets from Index Industries and with them, create some of the industry’s most durable holsters. Boltaron sheets are, to gun owners, principally known for impact resistance and fire retardancy as well as resistance to arctic cold and desert heat.
No matter the situation or harsh conditions a gun carrier finds themself in, they can unquestioningly trust the durability of Boltaron carbon fiber.

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