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Innovative holster designers prioritize a smart, hardworking attachment method.

Kydex belt attachments are top choice when designers seek to create holster attachments that outpace tough environments.

The meat and potatoes of a durable, hardworking holster is—from our perspective—the thermoplastic with which it’s built. But that’s not where the story ends. Holster hardware and a considered holster attachment method can mark the difference between a simple showpiece and a holster that outpaces tough use. Even as the thermoplastics industry experienced explosive growth, we remained a steadfast mainstay in the holster hardware, holster accessory, and Kydex hardware markets. If there’s one thing we’ve learned these past 40 years and three generations in business, it’s that sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

Truth is, holster hardware and holster accessories have kept pace—perhaps even partially drove—the fast-changing industry of holster making. This has ushered in a whole new demographic of DIY makers and small business owners taking on the challenge of creating a better holster with smarter holster attachments. We’ve been there for each type of maker every step of the way with US-sourced holster hardware and even custom holster accessories, Kydex hardware, and holster attachments to make for higher-quality, more innovative holsters and Kydex belt attachments. We’re privileged to have been able to serve the industry with one of the widest varieties of Kydex hardware and holster accessories and we eagerly anticipate the next generation of holster makers that will certainly keep pushing the boundaries of holster accessories and Kydex belt attachments.

How Kydex Belt Attachment and Holster Attachments Impact Holster Design
While some makers focus on the bigger-picture to-do items like thermoforming, we find that some of the more successful makers prioritize pushing innovations in holster attachment and Kydex belt attachments. Oftentimes this is the result of an involved research and development phase in which the designer is able to identify that the trickiest element is keeping a holster firmly attached to the carrier whether that’s by using a Kydex belt attachment, an ankle strap, or a Molle-compatible holster attachment.
From the very beginning, we’ve identified this struggle which is one of the reasons why Index Industries offers one of the broadest ranges of holster hardware and Kydex hardware including holster attachments, Kydex belt attachments, and other holster accessories specifically for holster and sheath-related manufacturers. Additionally, most of our holster hardware products are custom manufactured to customer and industry specifications and we continually lead the charge on industry innovation of Kydex hardware like Kydex belt attachment and other types of holster attachments and holster accessories by working closely with industry leaders.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions
We carry one of the widest arrays of US-made holster hardware the industry has to offer and you can always trust that you’ll get the best quality available. Sometimes, though, you might still hit a snag when you see our extensive sizing and style variations. We’re here to help
No matter the question about holster hardware like Kydex belt attachment and other Kydex hardware, our customer service team is always ready to hear from you.