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G-Code Mounting Platforms are a Holster’s Best Match

Explore 100% US-made mounting platforms from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Since we made our first foray into the industry nearly a half century ago, much has changed within the thermoplastic holster industry—and even that is a serious understatement. Though we were founded as a fastener distribution company, one thing that’s been a strong similar strain among the three generations of family business owners is our love of the do-it-yourselfers within the sheath and holster thermomolding industries. This group of scrappy makers is inspiring, and because of their creative clout and ingenuity, the industry as a whole has had to reckon with and adapt to new technology, new ideas, and all-around better, durable, and more effective finished products.

We don’t take our role in this movement lightly—we expanded our offerings to include G-Code RTI, G-Code Drop Leg, and G-Code Belt Slide mounting platforms among other holster attachment hardware that creative holster thermoformers use to create superior products

Why Makers choose G-Code Drop Leg, G-Code Belt Slide, and G-Code RTI mounting platforms
Edge-Works Manufacturing Company insists that every single one of their top-quality products is 100% made in the USA and backed with a Limited Lifetime Factory Warranty, policies that in themselves set them heads above. For makers seeking mounting platforms that will outpace emergency situations in hostile environments around the globe, they know they can trust G-Code Drop Leg, G-Code Belt Slide, and G-Code RTI to do so flawlessly and unflinchingly
Depending on their profession or hobby, the way a gun carrier chooses to mount their holster is a personal choice. No matter the customer they are serving, makers creating hardworking holsters can trust that G-Code Drop Leg, G-Code Belt Slide, and G-Code RTI mounting platform stands up to the quality of their own craftsmanship.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions
We carry one of the widest arrays of US-made mounting platforms including G-Code the industry has to offer and you can always trust that you’ll get the best quality available. Sometimes, though, you might still hit a snag when you see our extensive sizing and style variations. We’re here to help.
No matter the question about G-Code Drop Leg, G-Code Belt Slide, and G-Code RTI mounting platforms, our customer service team is always ready to hear from you.