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Custom holster makers prefer Stimpson grommets for their aesthetic and durability.

Grommet fasteners impact not only a holster’s look but its usability and durability as well.

If we invited a member of the general public to sit in on one of our meetings about supplier partnerships or new manufacturing techniques, they might claim to be bored to death. But those who are intimate with the custom sheath and holster thermoforming industry know better than to overlook the smallest details like holster hardware. This highlights the difference between us and them: for most of them, a gun holster is simple and straightforward. Ask them what they notice first when asked about holster hardware and they certainly wouldn’t pick out the nuances of a grommet fastener.

For the insiders—those of us who carry proudly and have even tried our hand at the craft of holster making, we’re painfully aware of the nuances and incracies of every last detail of a holster down to the Stimpson grommets.

When we reflect on our 40 years in business, it’s clear: the littlest things mean the most. Holster hardware like grommet fasteners—particularly Stimpson grommets—are our bread and butter, and we’ve been proud to be a steadfast partner and industry mainstay for nearly a half century.

It has been our privilege to watch the introduction of Kydex and Boltaron thermoplastics into the holster making industry completely change the game. Holster hardware, like grommet fasteners, are even more of an important consideration in presenting a durable, useful holster that will make a mark on the industry. Today, we’re proudly one of the industry’s most prolific distributors of Stimpson grommets, improving the quality of thermoplastic holsters in all makers’ shops. And we’re only learning and improving around every corner.

How Stimpson Grommets Impact Holster Making

Although in many cases a strong eyelet will do the trick, when a seasoned maker is attempting to reinforce a hole in a sheath, they know that it’s hard to beat the versatility, durability, and customizability of Stimpson grommets. As far as holster hardware goes, grommet fasteners greatly impact not only the look of the finished product but its usability and ability to outpace harsh environments from arctic cold to desert heat and everything in between.

In order to satisfy the needs of holster designers—whether they’ve got a massive audience or are only making a holster for themselves or their loved ones, we offer an array of holster hardware and grommet fasteners—including Stimpson grommets—as well as everything else needed to create a hardworking, timeless holster.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

We carry one of the widest arrays of US-made holster hardware the industry has to offer and you can always trust that you’ll get the best quality available. Sometimes, though, you might still hit a snag when you see our extensive sizing and style variations. We’re here to help.
No matter the question about holster hardware like grommet fasteners, our customer service team is always ready to hear from you.