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Thermoforming fasteners is a rising trend that Index Industries is prepared to bolster.

Especially for custom holster makers, Kydex fasteners are becoming the frontrunner in gun holster hardware.

If we were to reduce Index Industries down to brass tacks, we’d remember that it was founded upon a partner and customer need for a smart metal and thermoplastic fasteners distribution business. We’ve spent 40 years and three generations growing and diversifying.
Now, while we’re proud to not only offer metal and thermoplastic fasteners, but also specialized holster hardware and holster making supplies as well as Boltaron and Kydex fasteners and thermoplastic materials. In fact, we now offer the largest selection of general and gun holster hardware for the thermoplastic materials industry. Thermoforming fasteners have many known benefits and applications and permeate nearly every major industry.

Why Gun Holster Hardware and Holster Making Supplies Matter to Us
The short answer: we are gun carriers ourselves. We’ve always been fascinated by the craft of holster making, which—given our nature—led us to investigate holster making supplies, gun holster hardware, and ultimately, thermoforming fasteners.
Making a good, hardworking holster with durable holster making supplies and strong gun holster hardware necessitates a knowledge of the history of holsters. The holsters of the history books are almost exclusively made of leather, canvas, nylon, or other pliable material easily manipulated and stitched together. So when thermoplastics—namely Kydex fasteners and other types of thermoforming fasteners—started replacing more traditional holster fasteners, we not only saw opportunities to upgrade our own holster hardware, but we made a definitive decision to expand into the industry ourselves.

Why Kydex Fasteners and other Thermoplastic Fasteners Make a Difference
In comparison to the more traditional holster fasteners, thermoforming fasteners is more economical and far more customizable to exacting specifications, making them a clear choice as modern holster hardware. Most importantly, hobbyists and small business owners know that Kydex fasteners and other thermoplastic fasteners will long outlast almost any other on the market. So when people started searching for their new source for replacing their old holster fasteners with new thermoforming fasteners, we were among the first to answer the call.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions
No matter the question about Kydex fasteners, holster hardware, thermoplastic materials, how and where to buy holster fasteners, which holster making supplies are best, and more, our customer service team is always ready to hear from you.