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The unsung heroes of a hardworking holster is well constructed and thoughtfully considered holster spacers.

Index Industries has sourced and selected the best performing EPDM material for holster spacers, yielding a great balance between hard and soft

For most of the general population, a gun holster is a simple, straightforward piece of hard working gear. Ask an amateur what they see when they look at a thermoplastic molded holster, and they might simply respond, “plastic and some holster hardware.”

For those of us that are insiders, or have tried our hand at the craft of holster making, we’re very much—sometimes even painfully—aware of the nuances and intricacies not only in exacting measurements and design, but also the wide array of holster hardware, visible and not, that converges to create a good holster.

Believe it or not, this very notion was one of the reasons Index Industries was founded over 40 years ago. Our family, three generations ago, realized that sometimes, it’s the little things like holster hardware, thermoplastic spacers, and nylon spacers that mean the most. Now, over 40 years later, that principle means more than ever. With the introduction of Kydex and Boltaron thermoplastics into the holster making industry, holster hardware like thermoplastic spacers and nylon spacers are even more of an important consideration in presenting a durable, useful holster that will make a mark on the industry.

Just as we impacted the distribution and manufacturing of some of the world’s smallest and most important parts like holster spacers over four decades ago, today, we’re proud to be one of the industry’s most prolific and knowledgeable distributors of holster spacers of all kinds, including thermoplastic spacers and nylon spacers. And we’re only learning and improving around every corner.

Why Quality Holster Spacers Matter
There are myriad different elements to a lineup of holster hardware. From screws to posts to finishing washers, a custom holster maker will consider each of these elements carefully—they all impact not only the look of the finished product but how successful its usability is as well. Holster spacers, however, sometimes tend to get overlooked—because they make no visual impact on a customer-ready holster, they move down the priority list for a maker shipping for holster hardware.
When it comes down to it, the holster spacers—whether they’re nylon spacers or thermoplastic spacers—completely impact the flexibility and retention capabilities of a holster. Whether the project at hand is a magazine carrier, taco, or pancake style holster, the top-quality and best-performing EPDM materials that we personally source are the perfect balance between hard and soft.
In order to satisfy the needs of holster designers—whether they’ve got a massive audience or are only making a holster for themselves of their loved ones, we offer an array of holster hardware and holster spacers from nylon spacers to thermoplastic spacers and everything in between.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions
We carry the simplest, most hardworking holster hardware (including nylon spacers and thermoplastic spacers) the industry has to offer, and you can always trust that you’ll get the best quality available. Sometimes, though, you might still hit a snag when you see our extensive sizing and style variations. We’re here to help.
No matter the question about holster hardware, nylon spacers, or thermoplastic spacers, our customer service team is always ready to hear from you.