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  1. GS 8 Eyelets (1/4")
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    GS 8 Eyelets (1/4")
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Stimpson and Kydex eyelets are holster makers’ top picks.

Thanks to their durability and versatility, more hobbyists choose Stimpson and Kydex holster eyelets for their holsters.

Around here, we have a reverence for the littlest things. For most of our customers, the Kydex eyelets, Stimpson eyelets, and other small fasteners aren’t the biggest or grandest element of their business, but they sure are among the most important. The difference between a carelessly manufactured eyelet or fastener and Kydex eyelets and Stimpson eyelets is absolutely critical.

Index Industries was founded 40 years ago, and has thrived throughout three generations on one major principle: hardworking businesses should have the very best when it comes to Kydex eyelets and Stimpson eyelets. We’ve committed to that vision.

How We Ensure the Very Best in Fasteners and Eyelets
For the select products we don't have custom manufactured, we handpick only the top-of-the-line manufacturers. To date, we have an relationship with Stimpson Co. that has thrived for nearly four decades. We’ve always maintained that the GS Eyelets are the best in its class, and we’d never settle for anything less. Index Industries sells millions of these Stimpson eyelets per year and is one of the only distributors who offers the wide range of color options. Likewise, as more manufacturers release new and different iterations of Kydex eyelets, we thoroughly vet and test each type before we deem it good enough for our customers.

Why Gun Holster Hardware and Holster Eyelets Matter to Us
We can answer this question outright: we are gun carriers ourselves. As more and more people dabbled into the craft of holster making, it became readily clear: stitched leather is outdated and can’t outpace the arctic cold and desert heat. Making a good, hardworking holster is contingent upon hardworking holster hardware. We’ve found that Kydex eyelets and Stimpson eyelets are the best holster eyelets the industry can offer. We stand behind them 100% and unflinchingly trust the holster eyelets we carry ourselves.

How Kydex Makes the Best Holster Hardware
In comparison to the more traditional holster eyelets, Kydex eyelets and Stimpson eyelets can be more economical and customizable to exacting specifications, making them a clear choice as modern holster hardware. Additionally, most hobbyists and small business owners know that Kydex eyelets and Stimpson eyelets will long outlast almost any other on the market. When makers started searching for their new source for replacing their old holster eyelets, we were among the first to answer the call.

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions
No matter the question about Kydex eyelets, Stimpson eyelets, holster eyelets, general holster hardware, and more, our customer service team is always ready to hear from you.