The Bold New Index Brand

40 years. Three generations. These are numbers we don’t stand behind casually. Together, they begin to paint a picture, one that—when broken down to brass tacks—is simply comprised of hard work day in and day out. But in the early spring of 2018, we zoomed out and began to realize that the Index brand and website simply didn’t ladder up to our core values. While they served us well for decades, our customers expect us to stay ahead of the curling wave of industry trends, and we needed an updated, modern brand and website to communicate just that.

So we ripped the brand down to the studs and built it back up one brand truth at a time. The result: a full new creative suite complete with a brand narrative, color palette, logo, and even a new name. The catch, though, is that once we looked around at what we had built, we found that it really didn’t feel shiny and new after all…it felt like we came home to a place that has been familiar since the beginning.

Index Industries

Introducing Index Industries

While the name change is subtle, we simply grew out of Index Fasteners. There’s a pioneering new wave of makers and corporations that are challenging the way our world is built and we want to amplify them not only by how we do business but how we identify ourselves at the most foundational level.

From the aerospace to medical device industries and even all the way down to the textile industry, we’ve impacted supply chains. At the end of the day, though, we share one major attribute with our customers: We are the working class. Our histories and legacies are deeply woven together into a blue collar narrative. Even though our customers span an incredibly wide range of industries, we’re proud to have fostered personal relationships with many of them—a significant number of them have been steadily built for 40 years. We use these relationships as our guiding light at every turn in our decision making process from the top down, and so it was only natural that it took a front seat during the brand refresh conversation and is now fully reflected in our name.

The Supply You Demand

The Supply You Demand™

This brand strategy serves as a 10k’ view of what we do. Simple, straightforward, no minced words is both who we are and what we do. Our business is driven by our customers, and not what any gut feeling says is right or wrong. That’s it, that’s all.

Our New Visual Identity

We ship close to 10 million parts per month and we have a 98% same day fill rate. Those are two facts that speak for themselves. We wanted a logo that did the same. It’s frank, simple, recognizable just like the supporting typography and color palette.

Our New Visual Identity

Connecting the Dots

In the end, we believe that when we do our job right, with integrity, and a true commitment to our customers’ success, we’re leaving the industry just a little better than we found it. One way we knew we could execute on that was through a new website that not only brought together all of our new branding elements, but was easier for our customers to navigate. We’re pleased to have it up and running and serving our customers’ needs, big and small. What are your thoughts? We’d love to fire up a conversation. Get in touch with us. And, as always, thanks for being here.